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Bag in Box 10 Liters Merlot


It accompanies with seasoned seasoned meats, legumes, grilled meats, roasts, boiled and tasty cheeses.

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Ships From: Italy

Store Tarallucci e Vino


Product Description

The wines obtained from Merlot are velvety, intense, full with a beautiful dark ruby color, which with aging tends to become garnet along the edge.

The nose offers a full, persuasive fruit, with blueberries, violets, black currants, plums, cherries, tomato leaves, fennel, rhubarb and the classic notes of humus. Often we gather herbs, mint, then thyme, oregano and a balsamic note that fades into pine. The characteristic that makes it recognizable is a herbaceous background note that permeates all the wine and blends wonderfully with the warmth of the fruit.

The palate is ample and deep, juicy and dripping with blackberries and cherries. In the mouth the tannins are full-bodied, but velvety and the herbaceous and earthy flavors create a layered structure interspersed with a pleasure that you will not forget so easily.

The organoleptic characteristics of Merlot red wine are universally recognized by all wine lovers, who consider the grape bearer of roundness and softness.

Thanks to the great ability to adapt to different climatic and soil conditions, the Merlot vine has spread widely in many parts of the world, with very different results.

Merlot is very early and needs a rich and fat soil, which retains water for a long time and avoids overly rapid ripening with excessive concentrations. Furthermore, the clay has the characteristic of compacting itself in the hottest periods, cutting the younger roots and balancing the risk of excessive nutrition of the plant.

The best pairings with Merlot are those typical of a full-bodied, velvety, non-intrusive red wine: white meats, red meats, game and game, roasts, grilled meats, boiled meats, aged cheeses, sliced meats.

Like all complex and structured red wines, serve at a temperature of 15-17 degrees. Consider a couple of degrees more for fine bottles with a few years on their shoulders, at least 10 years.

Produced in Sicily

Degrees: 13 vol.

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Weight 10.5 kg


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Enoteca – Via Duca degli Abruzzi, 177 – Catania

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