Bag in Box 20 Liter Syrah

Bag in Box 20 Liter Syrah

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Serve at 15-18 ° C

Matches:   Seasoned cheese, salami, pizza, mushrooms, pasta, vegetables.

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The Syrah does not have an excessively rough character but is deep on the nose, with hints of red fruits, pepper and balsamic, it is round in the mouth where the fruits fully return.
It has good drinkability characteristics.

Syrah is a red wine with intense aromas and a soft taste, whose origin is still the subject of diatribe, among those who want the grape native to Iran, precisely from the area of Shiraz, second name by which this splendid wine is known, and those who think that its origins are to be found in the Syracuse area. The color of the Syrah red wine makes it one of the most easily recognizable, in fact it is very dark tending to garnet, while the aromas it releases upon opening are reminiscent of those of spices and berries, and once on the palate, it appears dense and soft, with final notes that taste of plums and chocolate, for a unique taste experience.

very sensitive to various environmental factors, even if it manages to keep all its aromatic components practically intact when it is grown in environments with high temperatures. To maintain the high quality of Syrah wine, it is necessary to avoid excessive production per single vine. The Syrah grapes are presented with a closed and compact bunch, with long-looking berries and a rather dark color. Although it reaches maturity rather late, it is not necessary to wait long for the harvest of the Syrah, this because the berries remained for long times on the vine tend to lose their organoleptic characteristics, and therefore give rise to red wines with lower aromatic content. The Syrah or Shiraz wine also has a marked longevity, in fact it is aged in the bottle for a minimum of four years, until it reaches almost twenty for high quality wines. Served in goblets of a certain size, which allow the development of aromas, Syrah should be enjoyed at a serving temperature ranging between 16-18 degrees, reaching 20 degrees for aged and more valuable types. The combination that allows you to have the best of the aromas and flavor of Syrah wines is that with red meat dishes or grilled game, but excellent combinations can also be obtained with different types of soups and with cheeses, specifically those medium high seasoning and spicy taste.

Produced in Sicily

Degrees: 13.5% Vol

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