Bag in Box 20 Liters Chardonnay

Bag in Box 20 Liters Chardonnay

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It is a great wine for an aperitif that loves good fish as meat or vegetables.

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Chardonnay is an ancient vine of undisputed elegance, its typical aromas of vanilla, banana and tobacco are accompanied by the fresher scents of orange blossom, figs and spices. In the mouth it is full, long, with a savory finish given by the mainly calcareous soil on which the grapes grow.

Chardonnay is one of the most versatile varieties and depending on the style of cultivation (density of vines per hectare, productivity per vine) is able to give musts of very different structure to each other. The type of vinification used is then able to enhance some of the characteristic tasting markers of this grape. We can divide dry white wines produced with Chardonnay into two categories: fermented and / or aged in wood and those fermented and aged in inert containers, such as steel.

To taste the best it is advisable to uncork the bottle of Chardonnay half an hour before to favor the oxygenation of any reduction notes due to the wine-making process, use a medium-sized glass with a light wide enough to favor the diffusion of the perfumes. Tasting temperature, 10 ° C. In the case of versions of Chardonnay matured in wood or of longer aging, the tasting temperature should be raised by 2-3 ° C, and it may be the case to anticipate the opening of the bottle at an hour before tasting.

The wine produced with Chardonnay grapes can have quite different nuances depending on the different vinification and aging techniques. The fermentation and aging in wood will give the wine more and more intense colors, from straw yellow to golden yellow. For wines produced and aged in containers of inert material the color obtained will be lighter with obvious greenish hues for younger wines.

For the olfactory aspect, the most important distinction is based on the type of container used for fermentation and refining. Also the origin and the greater or lesser precocity of the harvest affects the olfactory profile. Young wines produced and aged in inert containers are fruity with notes of apple, pear or peach, which in the case of more mature grapes or the origin of the wine from warmer areas give way to ripe apple, pineapple, passion fruit. The wines fermented and / or aged in wood will add tertiary aromas to the aromas of more mature fruit, that is due to the refinement, with spicy notes of vanilla and young leather, but also of coffee and enveloping scents such as butter, honey, caramel, almonds and hazelnuts.

Depending on the type and aging, we can combine Chardonnay with hors d’oeuvres, fish or vegetable first courses, fish or white meat based dishes. The more structured versions are also suitable for more complex first courses (Lasagna with mushrooms or vegetables, risotto with meat also) and serving dishes both of fish and even more intense and structured white meats.

Produced in Sicily

Degrees: 13 vol.

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