Bag in Box 20 liters Nerello Mascalese

Bag in Box 20 liters Nerello Mascalese

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Serve at 16-18 °C

Match with red meats, roasts, game and seasoned cheeses.

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The Nerello Mascalese grape is typical of Etna and gives rise to great red wines for aging in which predominate olfactory sensations of red fruit, with nuances of tobacco and vanilla, flowers and spices, along with a typical pleasant tannicity. Cultivated at the foot of Etna since time immemorial, it originates from the Mascali plain, from which it derives its name. The north eastern slopes of the volcano enjoy a unique climate compared to the rest of Sicily. The vineyards are cultivated between 400 and 1,000 meters above sea level, some of them still at a low level. Temperature differences between day and night can reach 30 ° C in summer, favoring the development of the aromatic profile of grapes. The sea breeze laps the volcano and mitigates the temperatures. The soils, the result of the millennial succession of eruptions, have a strong mineral component, which differs from one place to another due to the chemical composition of the basalts.

Nerello Mascalese is a late-ripening vine, the harvest takes place, in fact, in mid-October. To obtain quality wines a careful selection process is required in the vineyard, so as to leave few bunches per plant. The wine has a ruby red color, with a tendency to garnet, quite transparent, due to the presence of a modest quantity of polyphenols. The aromas are fine, the hints of red berry fruit prevail with an interesting spicy note; all supported by a lively acidity, elegant tannins and a marked minerality, daughter of the volcanic terroir. Due to these characteristics, it is often associated with Burgundy Pinot Noirs. A risky but certainly prestigious combination, due to the fact that the two wines, although different from each other, excel in finesse, elegance and not, like many other red wines, in structure and power.

It goes well with barbecued meat, stew, noodles with porcini mushrooms, roast pork, Indian or Thai cuisine, carbonara, rice and bisi pumpkin tortelli with Mantovana, rice noodles with prawns and vegetables, ravioli with herbs and parmesan, risotto truffle, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and Cantonese rice.

Produced in Sicily

Degrees: 13.5% Vol

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