Sicilian Pistachio Unshelled 100gr

Sicilian Pistachio Unshelled 100gr

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Product collected and packaged in Sicily.
Mechanically weighed. May contain traces of nuts.

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The shelled Sicilian pistachio is an ideal snack. Inevitable protagonists of parties and receptions. Pistachio is a dry fruit with a characteristic green color.
From collection to packaging, the product keeps all its peculiarities intact. In fact, no additives are used in the manufacturing process. The intense flavor of this shelled Sicilian Pistachio does not require any toasting or adding salt and makes it perfect for use in the kitchen and pastry.

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g: Calories 579 Kcal / 2403 KJ, Fats 45.0 g, Saturated fats 5.8 g, Proteins 19.4 g, Carbohydrates 24.0 g, Sugars 13.0 g, Salt 0.3 g.

Consuming a small ration of dried fruit such as pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds every day can be very useful for good health. Dried fruit is a source of essential nutrients for the daily diet. The high concentrations of proteins (up to 20%), minerals, fatty acids and amino acids make them absolutely irreplaceable.
The Pistachio is a small tree, with a height not exceeding 6 meters, with deep roots, a gnarled, brownish gray trunk and deciduous foliage. To cultivate this fruit, it is necessary to know that every eight female plants need to plant a male, the Terebinth which must be planted in the wind, while the females in the leeward, so that the air current itself can carry the pollen of the flowers from the males up to the pistil of the females. The land, characterized mainly by volcanic rocks, creates significant obstacles to the mechanization of all cultivation practices essential for the production of Pistachio and determines high production costs. A two-year production cycle is imposed on Etna pistachios, in order not to excessively stress the plant and obtain a higher quality fruit.
The fruit of the Pistachio is presented in bunches. They are walnuts, with a rubbery and resinous husk that wraps the very resistant woody shell. After the harvest, the Pistachio is minced and then left to dry in the sun for 5-6 days.

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