Bag in Box Zibibbo Wine 10 Liters

Bag in Box Zibibbo Wine 10 Liters

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Zibibbo Liquoric Wine. Great wine to accompany dry fruit, dry pastries, biscuits and ice cream.

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Zibibbo is a typical Sicilian dessert wine obtained from the homonymous grape variety Zibibbo.

Zibibbo is a fragrant wine with an exceptional taste that brings to mind the colors and atmospheres of the Mediterranean.

The Zibibbo grape is an aromatic grape that belongs to the Moscati family. Also known as Muscat of Alexandria, it comes from Egypt and was initially spread by the Romans in the Mediterranean basin. Following the Arab domination of many areas of southern Europe, the Zibibbo is widespread. The name zibibbo comes from the Arabic term zibibb, which means dry or withered grapes, of which the Arabs make great use.

In Italy we find the Zibibbo especially in Sicily, where, traditionally cultivated also as table or withering grapes, it gives great wines like the Passito di Pantelleria.

Upon visual examination, it shows a golden yellow color, very intense and luminous, with amber reflections. The nose aromas are fine, and recall fruity notes of figs, apricot and dried fruit. On the palate it is juicy, warm, enveloping, characterized by an excellent structure. Closes with a medium persistent finish.
Excellent at the end of a meal, with desserts typical of the Sicilian tradition, such as cassata. Also perfect to sip alone, as a meditation wine.
Zibibbo is also highly appreciated as a table grape for fresh consumption, thanks to large, very fleshy and fleshy grains, with a sweet and aromatic juice and fragrant peels, which leave pleasant taste-olfactory sensations on the palate. This tradition derives directly from the African origin of the grape variety, from a land where grapes represented a precious commodity, as in the rest of Europe. The vine is also fertile and of good production, even if it suffers from leaking. The bunches can weigh on average half a kilo.

To maintain a good sweetness we use little expanded breeding systems, with short shapes due to the warm climatic conditions. It also has a good transport resistance.

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